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Just look for the SKUNK to find AUTHENTIC "questions" posted by Steve Goff, the "malicious" person referred to by Jim Cramer in a recent Wall Street Confidential video.

The same Steve Goff that was recently asked by the Stockpickr community to leave.

The same Steve Goff that agreed to leave.

But Steve Goff didn't leave! He's still here and now he says that he won't ever leave. People are so grateful for Steve Goff that they sometimes show their appreciation by using a likeness of Steve Goff's name when they post questions and answers. I hate those people because they just make it more difficult to find the real Steve Goff, who is the real reason that we all come to Stockpickr.

So to cut through all of that confusion, just look for the SKUNK to find authentic posts by Steve Goff !

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