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Trading my way to the beach.

Quick background: BS in Accounting, 11 years in industry doing finance & accounting. 3 years doing help desk for accounting software. Stint of daytrading on the side in 1999/2000. Enjoyed the hell out of it but didn't have enough capital to do it full time. Been following the markets since high school, lived through the crash of 87, the S&L meltdown, the dot-com bubble and now the subprime slime.

I am a short term momentum trader. Most of my trades are under a month, with the average hold time being 10 business days.

This is what I do to support myself, and so far it's working - I have enough to cover my day to day expenses. The previously mentioned townhouse SOLD!

The long term goal is to have the income exceed the expenses to the point where I can get myself a little condo at the beach. I think it can be done.

Day to day commentary can be seen at

3x2 Backtesting at
Port at

- Cindy

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