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From Georgia under 21
I like options, futures, futures options, forex, forex options, and some bonds.

Hey all, just thought I would share another
resource for all you traders/investors out there. Can
never have enough resources right? Make money if your
mock portfolio beats the s&p500, or if your stock
analysis are selected as picks of the week. i've got
some invites to the site, so here's the link:

I got invited to the beta of this site that pays you
for stock picks/analysis, as well as if your mock
portfolio beats the s&p500. They pay you via paypal.
It's basically a stock picking community with unique
twist on mock portfolios (aka you can make money).
Don't get me wrong, i love stockpickr and come here
everyday. I'm not affiliated with the site in anyway,
just thought it was a cool idea to make some side cash
for doing what we love to do anyways! James or anyone
please let me know if it's not ok to post this to share
with other members.

cliff notes:
- make mock portfolio, get paid if it beats s&p
- write stock picks/analysis and get paid if they're
selected "top analyses", selected each week
- its another stock analysis community i was pointing
out. you can never have too many resources.
- message me if you have any questions, i've been using
it for a little while now in the beta. i've got some
invites, so just use the link below to sign up and see
if you can beat the s&p500.

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