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Birthday: January 10, 1972
Current City: Ventnor City, New Jersey
Hometown: Egg Harbor City, New Jersey

Political Views: When asked if I'm Dem/Rep? I say, does it matter today? I'm for the Greater Good of our Species

Religious Views: Agnostic/Atheist...I'm a man of science and logic not faith..I need proof...ya got some?

Bio About me eh??? Just ask...For I aint shy...Nor afraid to tell you exactly what's on my mind...Or in my stock trading book at the time. I shoot from the hip so to speak. If it's on my mind...and it's about you > LOOK OUT!...Because you're going to hear about it....Be it good or bad!
You dont like that statement?...You better defriend me now for both our sakes.
I'm born and raised in New Jersey. Very proud of the fact. Regardless of being the brunt of most USA jokes. Like "New Jersey...the armpit of the USA when ya look at a map...for good reason." But lets face it..If we ever had another Great Civil War in this country. Would you want to be on NJ's side?...Yes! is the answer...let me save ya some thinking. I have been alot of places and seen some great and interesting things in my short time on this planet. I think so at least. This little page aint nearly big enough to even begin to tell some of life's experiences and trials & tribulations. So if we should become friends online and you do not know me in reality as one of my few friends I keep in life. Then you have some entertainment to look forward to I promise. I'm a master electrician and master plumber. I also posses many other mechanical academic skill sets. No matter how much or how fast technology changes. Yow will always need electric in some form and a toilet to go in and shower water to wash your butt with. At least in my lifetime. But who knows?...With exponential tech growth...anything is possible. So thats what I do to pay what little bills I have in my life. I am limited to what I can do in life. This is from some bad and stupid life decisions I made in my misspent youth. That led to me becoming a convicted felon at the age of 18. Mostly for possession and distrubution of narcotics. It cost me 5 years of my life in NJ State Prison. From 18-24 yrs of age. Those were supposed to be my college years. They were in a way! So like I said. I'm limited to the things I can now do in life. This pisses me off greatly! I have some BIG IDEAS for this world and our species on this planet. I am now hindered from ever sitting for a LAW BAR exam or a series 7 brokers exam. Or from ever becoming a teacher. I would love to teach kids. US and World History and political science also. I could've always teached math. I am a MATH WHIZ...I'm also a stock market and economics JUNKIE. It's my passion in life. If the market was an actual physical object. I would try to have sex with it on daily
Oh...before I forget. I am MOST pissed that I can never be called upon to defend my nation in service if need be. They will never let me ever touch a firearm ever again. One of my life's dreams is to be discovered for my market talents, economic and social someone(s) who will give me a shot. And look towards my future and not worry about my past. I will not only make alot of money myself someday. But I will make someone(s) else probably more $$$ at first. I also specialize in industry and product/bussiness plan obsolescence fads/trends. I'm predominantly a short seller. I also know the options market and it's mechanics and strategies. I am always long something and always short something. When long I am a herd/momentum trader. All economics really is> The study of peoples propensities to do something or not. And the market is composed of nothing more than "the greater fool theory" Buying something with the hope (or in my case...a calculated risk...that it will be worth more or LESS at later date. So in most cases I try to get there before most waiting for the HERD to come and relieve me of my shares while I go on to the next trade. The persons in life I would like to work for the most. Sir Rupert Murdoch or Sir Richard Branson. I firmly believe that information and it's control in content, creation and distribution to the more powerful than oil or gold. But the worlds most precious non- replenishable commodity there is > TIME

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