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What Cycles do You Identify when looking for Behavioral Inflection Points? --

-- Cycles of Fear & Greed in the Price Structure of Financial Markets or Decision Cycles that actually Drive Market Action!

Listen-up Fund Managers, Futures/Forex Traders, & Policy-Makers looking for a fresh new source of Tail-Risk Intelligence & Actionable Decision-Making

16 years of Research on Market Uncertainty is being launched Out of the Lab and into Your Trading Room with:

Efrem Hoffman, Global Macro Strategist at welcomes the professional trading community to join him at TradersWorld Online Expo #12:

For Instant access and link to newly released chapter (in Amazon Kindle Book) on Trading Strategy and Global Macro State and Future Direction of S&P 500 Market:

You will learn how to Shock-Proof Your Strategies from Market Noise! -- with a Risk-Sensing GPS that has an 82 year history of steering clear of the 35 major market panics.

Discover your Trading Advatange Today and See what Efrem's Volatility GPS has to say about today's markets.

Disclaimer: On-Line at: and

Efrem Hoffman is the Global-Macro & Crisis-Risk Solutions Visionary at and, creator of RiskWindows and High Definition Risk Maps, powered by, and distributed to his Twitter Feed at: NakedSwanTrader.

With multiple US patents and Proprietary Trade Secrets on Big-Data Analytics, he has dedicated 16 years to analyzing Human Market Perceptions and Trader Ecology, within the Global Grid of Risk, Fear and Greed.

From this Intelligence, Efrem has engineered an original research framework -- designed to identify:

Tail-Risk Attack-Points;
Liquidity Black-Out Periods; and
Toxic Order-Flow & Volatility Events --

in the Real-Time Order-Flow Dynamics of:

*Equities, Futures, Treasury and Corporate bonds, Currencies, Commodities and Emerging Market Debt, as they enter their Critical Risk-Windows!

A good sample of his high-conviction insights include his video alert trend pieces on the Corporate Bond Market, Eurodollar, and his most recent warning of a Stock Market Crash for 2012 into Feb and May of 2013!-


See Efrem's exclusive article on High Definition Risk Maps for Displaying ôRisk-Windows and Volatility-Attack Points in:

Traders World Magazine May 2012 Edition Issue #51 at:

Efrem keeps traders in the Loop on:

Upcoming Global Risk Events and Global Market Trends by Providing Free Weekly Video Updates and Special Live Webinars at:

You are welcome to Follow Efrem on Twitter at: NakedSwanTrader; and

Stay connected with his Free Live Weekly Updates and Special Live Webinars at:

The Bottom Line to Efremís On-Going Research is:

** The events we perceive as ordinary every-day occurrences are actually born out of the background noise of Prior Crisis and Unusual Market Aberrations

** Thus by focusing on the rare 1% Outliers rather than eliminating them, the agenda is to gain clarity on the 99% of Market Pressures that Influence Decisions Each Trading Day

**Stay in the Loop on Efrem Hoffman's Free Market Views of the Developing Market Crisis and his Current Stock Market and Corporate Bond Market Crash Warning at:

Efrem sees a series of Liquidity Blackout & Toxic Volatility Events upcoming in the Equity, Debt, Eurodollar, and Commodity-Centric and Euro Currency Markets will trigger Stock Market & Corporate Bond Market Crash into this Summer, and worsening at each stage following any dead cat bounces into the Q4, and capitulating into Feb/May 2013.

Listen to Details at:


Additional Video Commentary breaking down events can be found at:

For details on the research framework see article in May 2012 Issue of Traders World Magazine at:

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