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SAN FRANCISCO (Stockerblog) -- The book value of a stock, in simple terms, is what you get when you sell off all the corporations assets, pay off all the debts and divide up what is left among the shareholders. Therefore, if you are buying a stock at a price below book value, you are getting a pretty good value. There are many stocks currently selling at significant discounts.


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    One example is Genco Shipping & Trading (GNK), which is trading at a huge discount, 22% of its book value. This operator of dry bulk carrier vessels trades at about 2.2 times earnings and 58% of sales. Revenue for the latest quarter was up 7.1%, while earnings dropped 60%.

    Dynegy (DYN) has a price to book ratio of 32%. This wholesales of electric energy has a price sales ratio of 0.39. The company recently experienced a 41% drop in revenue and generated negative earnings. The stock trades at less than $7 per share and has $3.31 in cash.

    Boyd Gaming (BYD) runs 15 casino entertainment facilities in Nevada, Mississippi, Illinois, Louisiana, Indiana, and New Jersey. The stock trades at half of book value, trades at 49 times forward earnings, and has a price sales ratio of 035. Revenue for the latest quarter was up 36.1%.

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