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If you have been watching the earnings over the last month it is very obvious Companies are making more money then ever. With both Cisco and HP crushing earnings, that signified to me that businesses are not only making money but spending it on capital Expenditures as well.

I started looking for Consulting/Business Service companies that provide any type of business to business Services. I believe these companies will see tremendous growth over the next couple of years, Sub-prime or not. Being that most of these companies have an International Client base there is very little holding them back. I also believe, once these companies start to hit there stride you will see consolidation in the industry. This will allow companies to gain market share but also become more diverse by expanding their skill set.

Here are a few of the companies I found. I have not done the complete indepth analysis but that will soon follow. A lot of these companies are sitting in a perfect buy position after the recent pull back.

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