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SUPRATRADE-20 Blue Chip Stocks to Sell Now 0906101728 Portfolio - 2010 Stock Picks and Performance - Stockpickr!

SUPRATRADE-20 Blue Chip Stocks to Sell Now 0906101728


In the current stock market, investors know that volatility can creep up on them in a hurry and their money can disappear overnight in shaky investments while they're not looking. It's important to remember that buying the best stocks is only part of the battle -- and avoiding poor investments is just as important to your retirement funds as seeking out that big profit maker. That true for all investment strategies, from the most conservative to the most aggressive.

To help you get out of the worst stocks, I've compiled a list of the 20 worst blue chips on Wall Street right now. Each one of these companies has a market cap of more than $10 billion and is widely held, but my fundamental and quantitative analysis proves that these stocks are on the decline.

Fundamentals are key to a good investing strategy because they tell you in black and white if a stock is growing its sales and earnings or if it is succeeding simply by cutting costs -- or worse, watching its revenues slowly slide backwards. Quantitative measures -- or "quant" -- are just as important, since this data indicates buying pressure. After all, the stock market sets price based on supply and demand. If there is no demand and there are no buyers for a given equity, your money is better off elsewhere. When nobody is buying, it's a sure sign that you should be selling.

Here's list of the 20 worst blue chip stocks to sell right now, accompanied by my grade for each company's fundamental statistics and quant ranking:

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