This continues our description of the different ways a Stockpickr user can get investing and trading ideas.

Today's Lists: Each day, we present in "Stockpickr format" (the ability to see what other portfolios own each stock), the lists of stocks that are particularly relevant for that day's trading:
- Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades
- Biggest % Winners and Losers from the prior day
- The Latest Activist Situations — this lists the situations where activist-oriented hedge funds are taking large stakes in companies and insisting on change to unlock value.
- Cramer's Lightning Round
- That week's insider purchases. We are believers that Insider Buying is often more relevant than insider selling.
- Top Stock buybacks — where are the biggest share repurchases occurring
- And occasional screens such as: Dogs of The Dow, Large Cap Value Plays, Profitable low-priced NYSE stocks, short squeeze potentials, etc

Do-It-Yourself Portfolios: These are the portfolios made by Stockpickr members that may or may not contain detailed analysis on each pick. These portfolios often contain more valuable ideas and insight than the pro portfolios. Additionally, many professional money managers and hedge fund managers have been putting their portfolios in the do-it-yourself section. One example being the Keyrock Energy portfolio.

Similar Portfolio: When you enter in your portfolio and signup for Stockpickr, if you go to your home page and look on the right you will see a list of portfolios, Pro and Do-It-Yourself, that are highly correlated with yours. These might contain stocks worth looking at that you haven't considered before. It also might be a starting point for correspondence with the portfolio creator about ideas that you hold in common.

I'm Feeling Lucky: The "I'm Feeling Lucky" button towards the top is an excellent tool for either finding stock ideas or for wiling away the time while on the telephone. Clicking that button takes you either to a random Pro portfolio, or a random Do-It-Yourself portfolio that contains detailed analysis on the stocks in the portfolio.

The Stockpickr Community: The "Why I Like" comments, the "Why I Hate" comments, the forums, the internal messaging, all can point the direction to new ideas and analysis.

The Stockpickr Blog Index We will be regularly updating this index to find the best blogs and analysis on the net. Many of the bloggers also have portfolio in the Do-It-Yourself portfolios and we consider the blogging community part of the Stockpickr family.

In addition to the features mentioned in these two blog posts we will be adding several new sections and features over the coming weeks and months in order to enhance Stockpickr as a one-stop source for investing ideas. If you have any suggestions, ideas, or feedback, please let us know.