Steven Milos US Portfolio


This is an eclectic portfolio, not completely balanced, but only includes US listed names. It contains value plays, faster growth companies, M&A targets, and other thematic, special situations. It has small, medium, and large cap names, but is missing out on some industries that I'd like to gain exposure to. The positions are not completely equal weighted. Furthermore, some are trades, some are investments, and includes a few investments that were sold, and which I will look to repurchase again. Generally, stronger leaning to value investment style, with a focus on net cash or low debt companies, that trade cheap on either P/E, P/Book, or EV/EBITDA, hopefully with either an impending catalyst, activist shareholder or a secular trend to provide impetus.

FYI, formulae referenced in commentary as one type of valuation metric that I consider (not a must have though):

Ben Graham value criteria: (Price/Book)x(Price/2007 Est. Earnings) < 22.5

David Merkel value criteria: Price/[(Book Value)+(5x2007 Est. Earnings)] < 1.0

Feel free to leave any comments if you'd like.

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