NEW YORK (Scott's Investments) -- In a recent post on Scott's Investments yesterday I referenced a recent article by Geoff Considine in which he discussed the merits of low volatility dividend growth stocks. To summarize his argument, the rational for seeking low-volatility dividend stocks is that "Volatility is considerably persistent through time, and the implied volatility from options prices is a key signal for determining the probability of corporate distress. The higher the implied volatility, the higher the probability of distress. Along the same lines, the lower the volatility of a stock, the more sustainable should be its dividend."

In his article, Considine focused on Dividend Aristocrats. Using StockScreen123, I decided to expand the available universe of stocks to screen for all non-OTC stocks trading above $3. In addition, I set the following requirements:

• minimum yield of 2%,

• a payout ratio less than 50%,

• a projected Price/Earnings ratio less than 17,

• a low standard deviation of the percentage moves of the closing prices over the past 100 days, and

• a one-, three- and five-year dividend growth rate of at least 5% each.

To be clear, these parameters are strictly my own. I added the low payout ratio and low projected P/E ratio in order to increase the chances that each stock's dividend can be sustained. A history of dividend growth was added to include stocks with a recent commitment to raising dividends. Stocks were then ranked based on their one-year sharpe ratio, or the annualized return of a stock divided by its annualized standard deviation of the weekly returns.


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    All of these metrics and ratios capture just one small piece of data and even when combined together may omit important factors when considering a stock for purchase. However, I think they give a good starting list for further research and I will continue to perform new screens on Scott's Investments for low volatility dividend growth stocks.

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