Stocks Poised For a 2nd Half 2011 Rebound


I think that it is fair that we can describe the stock market for first half of 2011 as manic depressive. If you listened to many commentators in the financial media, and even on this site you would be misled to believe that we are in the midst of another financial calamity. Despite the roller coaster rides so far in 2011, all of the major domestic stock indexes on a price basis are higher by about 3% to 7%. The Midcap Index (MID) is the leader amongst the pack returning just under 8% on a price basis.
There are a whole host of stocks which did not fare as well as the broad market indexes and managed to decline for the first half of the year. Some of these stocks could potentially rebound and return positive gains for the second half of 2011. While I would not necessarily categorize all of these stock that I am about to discuss as long term investments, they do provide trading opportunities for the second half of the year.

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