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High PEG Stocks Portfolio - 2011 Stock Picks and Performance - Stockpickr!

High PEG Stocks


A few weeks ago I published on article and related Stockpickr Portfolio on Low PEG stocks. As a reminder, The PEG ratio adjusts the P/E ratio for growth. A stock with a P/E of 16 growing earnings at 10% per year will have a PEG of 1.6. The lower the PEG, the less we are paying for future growth. The higher the PEG, the riskier the stock is because of the dual sensitivity to both changes in current earnings and future growth.
I seek out stocks that are selling at low price-earnings-to-growth, or PEG, ratios. The objective for GARP (growth at a reasonable price) investors such as me is to seek out stocks with PEG ratios closer to 1 and avoid stocks with PEG ratios closer to 2.
This time around, I want to look at stocks at the opposite side of the ledger, those with high PEG ratios that should be avoided or risk managed with caution as they invite too much risk in one's portfolio.
Here is a list of high PEG stocks to keep on your radar screen, especially as we enter earnings season. Some may be good short sale candidates while other may require a bit of cautious oversight for long investors or traders:

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