5 Small Cap Growth Stocks With High Short Interest


I am always in search for growth stocks. I am also always seeking out stocks that have unique blends of financial metrics which line up to try to help whittle an investment edge - either on the long or short side. I decided to take a look at small cap stocks with market capitalization below $1 billion which were members of the Russell 3000 Index (RUA). I believe this would give me some excellent growth candidates. To achieve the growth characteristics of my search I further screened out stocks with PEG ratios (Price earnings to growth) which were less than 1.0. In other words, these stocks were selling at a discount to their earnings growth. I made sure to eliminate stocks which carried any debt. Finally, I wanted to be contrarian and culled out stocks with high short interest ratios. In other words, I sought out small cap growth stocks which many people were betting would fail. Lastly, I performed a fundamental review of these stocks to select those stocks with business models that I felt were consistent with my economic outlook. What I arrived at was a portfolio of 5 Small Cap Growth Stocks with High Short Interest.

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