5 Companies With New CEOs to Stick With


ompanies, unlike members of the animal kingdom, can theoretically live forever. Their CEOs, the person in charge of the day to day operations of the company, is human and their time at the top is finite. Issues always arise for both the company's management and shareholders as to what to do when a CEO leaves the company - whether planned or not. While the board of directors will make the decision as to whom to appoint as the CEO, investors, in my opinion invest as much in the company's management as it does in the company's stock.
So when a CEO change is made, we must carefully look at a stock and decide whether or not the CEO change is a material event upon which we must take action on. Sometimes a new CEO spells trouble or the continuation of problems for a company. Other times a new CEO might bring a refreshing change or opportunity for a turnaround to a company as it did for Ford (F) when Alan Mullaly took over the reins at the automobile manufacturer. Quite often a new CEOs is merely just another step in a line of successful managers who help to steer the company to even greater heights.

This portfolio has five companies that have or will be getting new CEOs that investors should stick to.

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