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Here are the companies whose stocks I own. Note that I have held many of these companies for a long time, which is only important because it may indicate that it is no longer a good buy. Ultimately, it is up to you to determine whether the risk/reward of the company makes it still beneficial to purchase.

I have also provided purchase dates for my most recent purchases. Anything without a purchase date means I purchased it years ago.

Note # 1: The time horizons on many of these companies is VERY LONG. Thus, if you are a trader, this list will probably prove absolutely useless to you.

Note # 2: A substantial portion of my capital is in various mutual funds, which are not included here

Note # 3: (8/08/07): In recent months, I have been adding to various mutual funds I own, as well as to several indexes (like the S&P, large and mid growth, etc...). However - in the coming months - I expect to begin several new positions. One will likely be a foreign (ex-U.S.) ETF. I am also thinking about a foreign bank, among several other companies. Finally, I own one other position that I haven't posted here yet. The only problem is that it's only traded on a foreign market, and thus I don't think I'll even be able to punch in the ticker. I'll give more details on this in upcoming weeks...

NEW NOTE (8/17/07): Although I own various mutual funds that give me good exposure to international growth, I might add several "Country ETF's" to my portfolio sometime soon. Regions that I desire to increase exposure to include the Middle East and Central Asia.... Instead of "Country ETF's", however, I might just purchase individual companies, as I noted above on 8/08/07.
Finally, something I have learned recently is the importance of not diversifying away your "strongest beliefs"/"major bets." Although I have been dead on with many of my calls, I don't think I've been able to best take advantage of my "strongest beliefs"/"major bets" b/c I've diversified too much. Thus, I will be cutting out various positions over time, freeing up that capital to make my "strongest beliefs" "count more." This is not to say I won't be appropriately diversified... I will. I simply will no longer be OVERdiversified...

NEW NOTE # 2 (08/17/07): See new comments under EWZ

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