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Added some NLY.

My Trading/Investment strategy is overly aggressive. I spend a lot of time researching, on tv and internet, love to see charts, and am very goal oriented. I bravely pull the trigger. I lose sleep over some of the risk I take, but I shall continue with my ways.

I have made a few big runs.
A) Sept/Oct 2007
B) Sept/Oct 2010
C) Oct. 2011
D) Jan/Feb. 2012
The Cornerstone of my success has been options and mainly Apple.

Historic performance:
Starting ($116k)
2004 = 20% ($139k)
2005 = 26% ($175k)
2006 = 23% ($215k)
2007 = 100% ($431k)
2008 = -57% ($185k) yikes!!
2009 = 3% ($191k)
2010 = 98% ($379k)
2011 = 110% ($797k)
2012 = 500%($4,700k) @ 11/25/12

Its been a good year. I have scaled back my option trading somewhat and gone into conservative mode with 50% of my portfolio into ETF's, stocks and bonds. The other half I am using $400k for taxes and a nice chunk for some property to build a house.

1. Cash is a viable position, especially in a down-trending market.
2. My investment goals are 20% annual return. My expectations are far higher though.
3. Lock in gains and avoid large losses (sell before I take a 10% loss).
4. Show Courage and use the knowledge you have available to you.
5. Initial goal was to earn $1 million dollars in 2012. (Amending: New goal is earn $5 million)
6. As my accounts have grown from my option trading, I funnel out of options building a more diversified portfolio.

Current plans: Reward yourself when you lock in a nice profit. There is no reason to let it ride all of the time. All-in is too risky, keep some powder dry.

Note: Balances are adjusted for withdrawals for taxes and other investments:
1. All totals are new of capital gains and other major purchases.
2. I will take a tax hit in 2013 for a 2012 transfer from IRA to ROTH.

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