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Each stock pick added as part of this portfolio has been carefully selected based on a combination of fundamentals and technical analysis. The total returns on the portfolio in 2006 were extremely rewarding, and it's currently continuing the momentum pace it enjoyed last year. All the positions are LONG.

Note: Due to the price appreciation stocks mentioned in this portfolio have had in the past year and the very nature of the stock market, we must warn the reader of the risks involved in investing in them. Nothing goes up forever! Corrections do occur and stocks can or do become overbought and overvalued, increasing the risk of a loss in your investment. Please consult or seek professional advise before making an investment.

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5 Big Stocks to Trade for Gains as QE3 Ends

10.30.14 | 11:03 AM

BALTIMORE (Stockpickr) -- The Fed is shutting the tap this week, ending the QE3 bond-.buying program that's arguably been one of the biggest struct...

5 Stocks Spiking on Unusual Volume

10.30.14 | 07:00 AM

DELAFIELD, Wis. (Stockpickr) -- Professional traders running mutual funds and hedge funds don't just look at a stock's price moves; they also track...

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