JDShots 2009 Portfolio


This portfolio is designed to profit during the year of 2009. Based on what I have read the following may happen this year:
Oil will have short-lived rallies, but will decline overall.

Industrial materials will suffer but gold will do well overall.

Russian stocks will suffer a great deal, but China's stocks should do well. Chile's economy may be damaged the least due to the way their economy is structured, being somewhat isolated from the global economy. Many Chilean stocks will do well.

Real estate will improve short term as speculators (professional investors, AKA 'flippers') keep it from crashing, but prices will continue to fall in most regions, which is bad for the consumer. Speculators buy cheap properties from banks and auctions, fix them up, and rent them out until prices improve enough to sell profitably. FLA housing prices are down the most and may see the biggest improvements.

The retail sector will continue to decline and many retailers will fail.

A few companies in the Healthcare and Biotech sectors should do very well while the rest of the market declines.

Defense stocks may do well, since the possibility of an increase in warfare around the world seems increasingly likely.

More banks will fall along with the Dollar, although the Yen should do well.

Long-term, I would look at certain resources to increase in value, such as food and water / energy utilities. Leisure stocks may not suffer as much as many analysts believe, since many foreigners will look to take advantage of improving exchange rates and government stimulus for the consumer, namely China. Chinese travel companies should do well as a result.

Overall, most stocks and bonds will decline but money can be made in a bear market through futures options and shorting.

Enormous fraud will reveal itself as companies are no longer able to hide their corruption. This will be triggered by further mutual fund redemptions (investors pulling money from the market). Mutual funds contain pools of stocks and are traded by institutional investors for pension funds and other long-term investments.

Education related securites should improve due to stimulus support.

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