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Contests are like mudwrestling. You get in the mud, its ugly, someone’s going to cry “Uncle!” , and when its over someone’s feeling great and the other person is eating mud. That’s what stockpicking contests are like. You can’t full around with Wal-mart or Microsoft. A few months ago, the type of stock that made millionaires out of contestants was a stock like Dendreon, a stock that could go up or down 10-20% in a day, every day for a week. I made a portfolio of Super Contest Stocks that I think have all the potential of breaking out in the next few days, evfen if they might not be great long-term investments. At the end of this article, I give several research tools that I’ll be using to do these “contest articles” on a regular basis. These will be the exact tools I used daily for my own trading.

I used to trade a lot more regularly for several hedge funds. The bread and butter trade was always finding stocks that had sold off too much the day before for irrational reasons, buying the open the next day, and even selling any pop during the day. The most we would hold stocks in these situations were 2-3 days.

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