How to Use Stockpickr

Stockpickr Answers and Stockpickr Forums

The Stockpickr Community is the most important, and certainly the most popular, area of the site. On Stockpickr Answers, members can ask and answer each others' questions, and investment experts regularly visit Stockpickr Answers to join the discussion. The Stockpickr Forums catch everything that doesn't fall into Stockpickr Answers, including daily trader diaries maintained by Stockpickr members, general market commentary and sector discussions.

Professional Portfolios

Using various databases and SEC filings, we track the holdings of many of the top mutual and hedge funds and super investors, such as Warren Buffett and George Soros. You can easily browse these portfolios, drill down on stocks that interest you and check out overlapping funds and portfolios.

Spotlight Portfolios

Every day we highlight several topical or investment-worthy portfolios on the Stockpickr homepage. If you have recommendations for portfolio topics or would like to have one of your personal portfolios considered for a Spotlight Portfolio spot, please contact and tell us why your portfolio deserves the Spotlight!

Most-Viewed Portfolios

It's interesting to follow the site's most-viewed portfolios. Warren Buffett's portfolio is usually a favorite, as is that of Wally Weitz, head of the Weitz mutual funds.

Today's Lists

Every day we update these portfolios with the stocks that are particularly relevant for that day's trading. It's a useful tool for getting a quick picture of how the market moved that day. You can see which other portfolios hold that stock by clicking the "Recently Added By" tab or clicking the stock ticker symbol itself and visiting its quote page.

Examples of Today's Lists portfolios include Analyst Upgrades and Downgrades, Biggest % Winners and Biggest % Losers, and Cramer's Lightning Round.

You can sign up on your My Stockpickr page for Today's Lists email alerts that are triggered whenever one of the portfolios is updated. E-mail alerts are triggered every time a Today’s Lists portfolio is updated. If a stock in one of your portfolios is included in that day's “Stocks with Unusual Option Activity” portfolio, then you will get an email letting you know when that list is updated.

Do-It-Yourself Portfolios

Stockpickr members have the option of creating their own portfolios, which can include detailed analysis on specific stocks as well as general comments on sectors and trading strategies. A DIY portfolio can represent stocks that its creator owns or is considering, or it can revolve around a certain theme or event.

To create your own portfolio, visit My Stockpickr and click on "Add New Portfolio." Include a description of your portfolio and the reasons you included the stocks you did. If you'd like your portfolio considered for a spot on the Stockpickr homepage, email and let us know!

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