Cramer's Undervalued Minerals


From 7-9-07:

Remember when the Chinese were slowing down their mineral purchases? Remember when we heard that there was going to be a glut in copper or that nickel was now in long supply? How much did those calls hurt you? Mineral stocks remain controversial because frankly, they have been so cyclical over time that they are frequently sold strictly on the basis that they can't possibly continue to go up because they never have before.

I can't blame anyone for being spooked by the day-to-day action. That's why if you are going to own these stocks, you either believe in the long-term need for these metals and how demand will outstrip supply longer-term, or you should sell.

From 6-18-07:

"People just don't get China. I have been listening to the bears for a long time, and they are adamant for example that there's too much steel and too much copper in the world.

That's like the argument I have heard for years that there is too much drilling capacity in the world for oil and too much mineral capacity in general.

Here are Cramer's plays as a result of undervalued minerals trend.

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