Cramer's Gasoline Wild Cards


From 5-29-7:

"What if oil gets clocked here? What if the inventory build is enough to handle the gasoline situation and the refiners will have their fill? Admittedly our insistence in using ethanol will still create bottlenecks, but what would happen if we really saw a peak in gasoline last week?"

I think I know what would happen: We would have an explosion upward in retail stocks, and you would want to get long destination places like Disney (DIS), and to a lower extent, Six Flags (SIX). Or just the casual dining segment that has gotten too expensive, by dint of gasoline, to casually dine: Darden Brinker (DRI).

First let me just say that no one believes in this theory other than yours truly. When I first propounded the idea that gasoline prices would peak with Memorial Day on the Today show, people laughed. Then they just outright exploded with guffaws when I said it on the morning show I hosted last week, Jim Cramer Live.

Gasoline prices going down is the one wild card that the bears simply aren't counting on.

I think they will be wrong ... again.
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