Peter Lynch Screen: 6/4/07


A Stock Screen in the Spirit of Peter Lynch.

Peter Lynch is a very well respected former manager of Fidelity Magellan. He is also known for many of his multibagger stock selections.

Some criteria modified and added by me.

1. Forward PE less than 20
2. 5 yr Estimated Growth between 20 to 30 percent
3. PEG Ratio less than 1.25
4. Institutional Ownership between 5 and 35 percent
5. Market Cap less than 5 Billion
6. Total Debt/Equity less than 0.35
7. Average daily Volume greater than 100,000
8. Price over 50 day moving average
9. Price over 200 day moving average

Screen inspired by Peter Lynch's Books as well as:

Stocks Screened Monday, 6/4/2007

VTI included to compare portfolio relative performance to the US Stock Market ETF.

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