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Cheap Growth Ready to Breakout: 2/23/07 Portfolio - 2007 Stock Picks and Performance - Stockpickr!

Cheap Growth Ready to Breakout: 2/23/07


Results of this Screen: (07/16/2007)

Quantitative Screen:
1. Forward PE 20%
3. Price above 200 day moving average
4. Price between 0 to 5% above 50 Day moving average
5. Price within 5% of 52 Week High.

My theory is to buy stocks that have great growth but are undervalued in the market. In addition, the stocks should be making higher highs, be within reach of a breakout, and yet be at a good accumulation point (slightly above the 50 day moving average).

Stocks were screened Friday, Feb 23, 2007

April 6, 2007:
NOTE: APH did not fall 47%. The stock split (it is now $34 for a 6.5% gain) and the tracking system does not take that into consideration.

Intentionally removing APH because it did not fall 47%. Site does not know that stock had a stock split.

May 16, 2007:
I manually recalculated the results by making the result of APH be +7% (the approximate true performance between Feb 23, 2007 to May 16, 2007) instead of -47%.

Result on May 16, 2007:
Old Result: 9%
New Result: 12%
VTI (US Total Stock Market ETF) Performance: 8.51%

Total outperformance: 3.5% with a portfolio of around 18 stocks.

May 29, 2007:
GIL removed. It had been doing very well, and then the stock split. Stockpickr doesn't realize the stock split and thinks the stock lost over 47%.

June 20, 2007:
MIDD (Middleby) split, and the stockpickr system docked it -50% in performance. I removed MIDD from the list for now.

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