Freakonomics: Clean Water Stocks


In an insightful post on the freakonomics blog, economist Steven Levitt and co-author of Freakonomics, dissects a report that stated that pesticides in water in Indiana resulted in the poor performance of certain students in standardized tests if those students were conceived between June and August. Levitt argues that the authors of the research paper did not factor in the fact that children born during those months might be relatively young for their grades and that would effect test performance.

That said, in the stock market perception is often reality and if everyone starts getting worried about pesticides seeping into the water in the US then its time to start looking at the clean water stocks. At Stockpickr we set up the Freakonomics: Clean Water Stocks portfolio to start tracking what is in fact a global phenomenon. Worldwide demand for water is expected to double over the next 20 years while the actual supply of water available to people is potentially going to remain stagnant. Pollution and other environmental disorders set in and create potential pandemics as filth and disease spread. While Indiana might, in fact, be safe, the rest of the world might have cause to worry and will give ample reason for the revenues and earnings of the companies mentioned below and in the above portfolio to ramp up quickly.

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