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SAN FRANCISCO (Stockerblog) -- Being debt-free, either from a personal standpoint or a corporate standpoint, can carry many financial advantages -- which means that debt-free stocks selling at or near cash can be a very favorable investment. These stocks have virtually no debt and are trading close to the amount of cash the company has per share. With no debt and a lot of cash, the company would be unlikely to go out of business -- unless it is a biotech with a high burn rate. Also, the cash can make the company a possible takeover candidate.

At, we've updated our list of Stocks Selling Near Cash and Debt-Free, which shows the stocks' recent price, market cap, cash per share, forward P/E and cash per share ratio.


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    As an example, Sycamore Networks (SCMR), which is in the intelligent bandwidth solution business, trades at less than $24 per share yet has over $15 in cash per share. The company is debt-free.

    WellCare Health Plans (WCG) is another stock with lots of cash. This debt-free managed health-care services company, which sells for less than $41 per share, has a significant 34.50 per share in cash. The stock trades at 13 times forward earnings.

    To see the other stocks selling near cash and debt-free, including a couple stocks trading for less than their cash per share, go to

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