In what was a short holiday week, Cramer once again pointed out that he is a bull but he did say that if you are entering the market now, " don't buy anything that hasn't dipped a couple of percent." While he still believes this market ends much higher by year end, he hasn't seen the rotation lately from one strong group to another. And with bankers on their way to the Hamptons for the summer, the M&A activity that has been a nice boost will certainly diminish a bit. So you need to pick your spots and Cramer always leads us in the right direction. He still likes machinery stocks and he also feels there are plenty of opportunities in the DOW and he broke down each one for us last week. Plus, he gave us his six wild bull markets. Here are some of the highlights from Jim over the past week (aggregated from Mad Money, Stop Trading! and his articles):
Cramer's DOW Plays: Although he finished his breakdown of the DOW last week, it is worthwhile revisiting as he finalized it last Friday night (so we missed the last part). During the week on his Mad Money shows, Cramer gave us his take on all Dow components.

Cramer believes the index will reach 14,548 this year, and he sees it climbing by close to 500 points in the next three months and then another 500 in the November-December rally he predicts will come. The Dow closed Tuesday at 13,540.

Cramer didn't pull the estimate "out of thin air," he said, but rather arrived at it after doing a bottom-up analysis of all the 30 stocks in the Dow by determining what price each stock is likely to reach by the end of the year. Here is his analysis of Cramer's DOW Plays which include T, C and XOM.

On Tuesday's "Mad Money" TV show, Jim Cramer took viewers through the six "wild bull markets." Right now, he said, the Federal Reserve is on hold, and the economy, while "anemic," is not in a recession. And during economic weakness, the wild bull markets should be the first to recover, Cramer explained. Right now there are six wild bull markets. Here they are:

Cramer's Wild Bull Ag Plays including DE.

Cramer's Wild Bull Machinery Plays including CAT.

Cramer's Wild Bull Infrastructure Plays including FWLT.

Cramer's Wild Bull Oil and Gas Plays including HAL.

Cramer's Wild Bull Aerospace Plays including BA.

Cramer's Wild Bull Mineral Plays including FCX. >Cramer's Russell Rebalancing Plays: On Thursday's Mad Money show, Cramer said The Russell 2000 index is the key to this year's trades. On June 22, the Russell 2000 will be reconstituted, and all companies that don't meet the criteria will be "purged and replaced," Cramer said. "The additions and deletions are based on stock prices as of today's close." Cramer said he's here to try to predict which stocks will join the index and thus rally. Cramer said that he believes >these 3 favorite stocksare likely to get added to the Russell 2000. And he said he likes these plays even if they don't get added. >Cramer's 5 Names Worth Buying Now: The sell-off on Wednesday because of weakness in the Chinese market has Jim emphasizing that "this sell-off is letting you into a couple of names that usually are impossible to buy. Lots of little chances to buy. The below names finally are giving you a moment to buy at a discount. I would take it." >Cramer's 5 Names Worth Buying Now may still be worth it. >Cramer's Wallflowers: Cramer pointed out earlier in the week that every time he thinks the market's had a big run, he will notice a company like Wesco International (WCC), a "boring distributor of electrical products, not unlike a Grainger (GWW), another amorphous, boring company that keeps putt-putting along."

What amazes Cramer is how many of these quiet companies selling at cheap prices there are out there. And this is when you see a takeover from teh lieks of TPG or KKR. They are just too cheap not to take private. Here are >Cramer's Wallflowers.

Cramer's Brokers: Cramer sarcastically opined earlier in the week, "Oh, I see, I have to sell the brokerages again because of mortgages. And I have to do it because the "bad mortgage/slowdown mortgage" story isn't yet reflected in the stocks. I can't tell you how many times, when I first got into the hedge fund business, I would be long a stock and read a hit piece in the media about a stock and think, just my luck, something that we all knew, something that my sources know won't matter, gets into the paper as the only thing that matters. Then, later, when I realized that you don't get gifts that often, gifts of misinformation that create pockets of opportunity, I would just stand there and buy the ferocious selling at my price. Oh, and by the way, the numbers at the brokers? They are way too low. And "everybody" knows it, except the people who need the stocks lower. Here are his favorite Brokers Plays including GS. >Cramer's Gasoline Wild Cards: Jim asked us this week: "What if oil gets clocked here? What if the inventory build is enough to handle the gasoline situation and the refiners will have their fill? Admittedly our insistence in using ethanol will still create bottlenecks, but what would happen if we really saw a peak in gasoline last week?"

Cramer suggested we would have an explosion upward in retail stocks, and the stocks to play would be destination places like Disney (DIS), and to a lower extent, Six Flags (SIX). Or just the casual dining segment that has gotten too expensive, by dint of gasoline, to casually dine: Darden Brinker (DRI). Gasoline prices going down is the one wild card that the bears simply aren't counting on, Cramer said. Here are his > Gasoline Wild Cards. >Cramer's Smart Fashion Stocks: Cramer asked us yesterday if the intellectual property of apparel, the brand of apparel, beginning to win out over the stores that sell it? He thinks that may be the case since RL anf VFC go up endlessly, even as the stores that sell the products go sideways or down.

"Now, with the incredible new products from Ralph Lauren -- including this American initiative at Penney's (JCP) and the Chaps work at Kohl's (KSS), I am beginning to believe that the power, the gross margin, is shifting in Lauren's favor. It has already shifted to VF courtesy of its excellent proprietary brands and its jettisoning of its commodity bra brand, which can be so-called "footballed" by the retailers." >Cramer's Smart Fashion Stocks could be interesting to consider.

Lightning Round: Cramer was full speed ahead last night with his latest Lightning Round. He was bullish on several stocks such as DUK and LVLT but also bearish on the likes of ADM and APPB.