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Serious Money Making in Stocks Sept 25, Oct 9, 16, Nov.6th 09, Apr.2010 Updates
April 8 th If you used affordable stocks in Jan2010, its up 70%, Feb-up 26% March up about 20%, but 4-5 losers already. I’m tempted to return to Affordable, but it is too much of a full time job. I just take Jim Cramer’s recommendations and do a few others on the side like top 100 stocks has no scans on recommendations so there stocks are more temporary and go no-place.Unfortionatly Opps I picked 4 in the top 100 stocks and 2 I lost 1/2 my investment. Forget that idea, even when they were up the last month running up.(forgot that 10-15% stop loss. och
Last year I made a lot, but lost on bear markets. This year since the end of Jan. I’m up 19%. I usually have ¼ to 2/3 of my portfolio in cash ! I’m heavy on Apple call options this year. Options can loose all your money in a week if not carefull.80% options expire worthless?? Affordable stocks only work when market is going up! So far since GS and BP disaster all is down big time. Only 5% of investers keep on making money in market. Maybe 3% of the 5% get rich(over $200thousand) Please study hard before investing.If everyone in your highschool class invested their money less than 10 would make anything year after year.
Dec 14 th What you hear is not glitter, because this quarter historically it’s hard to make much money! You will have to pay dividend taxes this month. ** If you play with Affordable stocks you must enter everyday say $1000 or 1% of your portfolio (To protect you if you get scared and loose). Put a stop loss of 12-16%(bad part here they may just go down 20% one day, but end up on + side for day.(or trailing stop) on each). Best time to buy 11am EST. If DJI opens lower and 11am your stock is still down just wait. If you have to trade after hours because of work, buy only if maybe 5 cents below his call. If it opens too high just buy next day. 4-5 of his stocks loose 50% each month, that’s why you use stop loss. His stocks take 2 months to make 50%. October-Dec. do not expect much. If you invest $1000 each stock, 19-23,000 a month. In out trades $350 month commission, 3-4 losers -$525 %15gain $3300 â€" expenses 350 -525 = $2425 OR 11% OF ¼ your portfolio. Don’t gamble high % on penny stocks. Caution!
Nov 22 nd. Affordable stocks if you subscribe to it, It takes an act of God to unsubscribed it, and then still loose two months fee and hours of time to email Co. and figure how to cancel subscription. There is no way to make money there at this time since stocks are now back to last years levels.
This has been a lost decade for much of the market. Like IBM or Dell has not changed in 10 years. (Dozens more). The market since June is on a pattern of up and downs. If it follows threw this year End of November expect the DJI to be 9,810
Mid Dec. 10,735 may pull back to 10,000 by end of year or second week in Jan. then go to 11,050 DJI before end of Jan then another pullback to 10,200.
There more likely will not be a second crash like 1929 because the Fed. Government came in to save the banks. If anything happens like a war breaking out, or some major bank goes bust in chap 11. People could go wild and the market could crash over night 40%. It takes a while after a recovery before investors feel at home!
This recovery really is not a true recovery, but it will be if nothing bad happens. It reminds me of GM in 1993 when they were all but bankrupted and I had puts on them, but it took 17 years before everyone knew about GM big borrowing spree with so little cash that took almost bankrupt them in 2009.
TRGL Toreador Texas oil drilling Company is drilling for oil under Paris, 1 trillion barrows expected (realistically were looking at 8 billion barrows). If it finds what the surveyors/geologists think/claim, expect this company to be a 10 to 20 bagger. Put good future option on it and make 10 times that much. Option $1000 MAKES $70,000. Better than 50-50 chance before end of year. Mid 80’s oil was found in Paris basin, but cost too much to extract, so right here you can figure outcome here. Another point is this company is worth 100 million, but lost over 10 million this year so far.

Nov 15th. New IPO coming out Tuesday Fortinet FTNT, should open between 9-$11. This is a company that has internet security of all types in one bundle and has a real person watching for viruses. Its really worth about $19, since it has been out there before, and only start making a good profit in 2008.. You could easily gain 30% the first few days. If the market opens neg. DJI it may not jump up. If Monday is up 100 points most likely Tuesday will be even or down. Bad news! Closed at 12.5, Wed opened $16.5/ So how can I make any-thing?
Nov 9th. Since most of the earnings report is under the table and unemployment did not shoot the bulls, take advantage of the last 32 days of trading by buying GS,, BAC, WFC, or even GOOG, AAPL which have under performed the last few weeks! You have a better bet on these stocks than a penny stock which you never know will go the other way unless you play both. Remember the basic rule never invest more than a $1000 for each $ it’s worth or the 1% of total portfolio for penny stocks- under $6. $4 no more than 4 grand, $20 stock 20K etc. But remember it’s best to never enter more than $1000 in any penny stock, no mater the cost or hip. Don’t regret this warning and buying opportunities! Stocks are going higher because the $ is weaker. Your money is worth less! Every 10 years it’s worth half in buying power.
Nov 6th. I don’t even fool with Affordable stocks any more! Well now earning season is showing the typical Bear market, or end of year. This year recovery was exceptionally good until now. Many people may have lost their last 3 months gains in a single week. Some people did gains of 3-400 percent from March Lows witch really was almost this years norm if you paid good attention, since 100’s of companies did a 300+ % recovery..
The average yearly gain of a investor is 11% a year. Every so many years people loose a couple of years gain in a single week As I mentioned before not many people make it big on the stock market, because so many traders are shorting when you buy, good bad news etc. Always be cautious! Jim Cramer’s top stocks: CAT, MMM,EMR, PPG,COP,UNP, BHP,HP,HD,VFC,JPM,V,AAPL. Stocks that are not really affected by the economy are GIS, K, PG, CL, JNJ, KMB
Oct 16th I think making a little money in affordable is over. Back in June & July when it was good I couldn’t make any money his way. Remember in stocks if you hear about it, it’s too late, like some hot stocks. Something better: Go to then left side Tools/ Stock Scans Look for bullish or bearish stocks, up trend ones etc. other types on top right. Usually it’s too late and everything is opposite to up trend or downtrend ! Jim Cramer is best bet to make money for nonprofessional! You have to watch him each day CNBC 5 & 10 pm CST to know when to buy or sell.
Apple earnings Monday-Buy on Tuesday for smart phone tsunami. AAPL, ARMH, DIOD related (long term) Don’t be left behind !
Oct 6th -- (50% of SP500 companies get $ from overseas! 30% from London ! Now you know why you never can predict what happens here if overseas is bad. (Watch Golden Sacks GS earnings report on Oct 15th, DJI Barometer of stock market)). The underlying proof below is a sign investors still believe in the Market. Affordable picks are swings not holds, but this year it really worked the hold way. You can see the profits are getting to not too bullish! On stocks under $6 they are considered “Penny stocks”/ don’t even think on playing ones under 25cents unless you don’t want your money! (Poker/Grap game) In my experience 1 month gain can be wiped out in 2 days when Dow drops 200 points. If it dropped 400 on a day I was not watching, I would most likely loose 4 months of gain. You will not get rich in stocks so don’t risk too much in trying. People who make millions playing 100’s of options, you loose thousands in trying and sometimes you never win! Many investors pay $1000+ at 20% of any gain, you may only get $10 or null back in a thousand $ bet/option! Putting a large portion of money in several good Fidelity sector funds may be a better bet, but sector funds can go sour over night also!
Oct 3rd --paragraph update: When the Market is going down nothing seems to go right. Is there another down turn as the 1929 crash which fell in two stages, the next leg was about 8 months apart. Unemployment new claims numbers comes out next Thursday Oct 8. You should know the results only the market or buyers will decide to sell or buy again! Traditionally this quarter is not to make money, but save what you have!

Example: Using at $20 a month. Take his recommendations, some weeks they all hit the skids, because the DJI is down, so I hold off a day or week to buy. The next week 2 stocks almost double and a couple of last week’s losers gain ground. If in July you bought all his recommendations you could have made a profit of 44%. He says 60%. That’s 9,680 on 22,000 invested, which is good, done several different times this year and July picks if sold by 8-5-09. If you did the same in June your profit would be $11,000 by mid August if not sold yet. More if you sold the lemons. This company picks on a swing on the graph, but this year made a few good months and maybe more to come since most of the companies have to come up !
This should be the best and worst year for stocks
Since the Great Depression!
Don’t expect another year like this with the Best and worst year of Wall Street. Everyone is cautious now because historically stocks are over bought, but more than likely the market will slowly rise because there are too many people on the sidelines waiting for a spot to get in. Many will get in too late and not make much, but only the brave are making money or maybe later they were the dumb ones. Who knows! (Sept 22)
Since all stock picks are not winners right away, it’s best to pick all his picks and hold on to them for a while unless they drop over 11%. The 1st time I just sold them when they reached his target and sold when they went down 5% and I lost at least 5% of my investment. Now I hold on and gain up to 20% a week depending on DJI. If you could make 40% each month on your initial 22 or 23 stock picks a month at $1000 each, that’s over 900,000 a year. Or it you only have $5000 and put $220 in each stock that 40% could be $250,000 in a year. Sounds good anyway, but things like that are hard to impossible to achieve. At only $8 a trade, I sometimes have over $400 a month of commission expense which could eat up 10% of my profit, something you have to consider.
He shows the highest gain of month as sell point and lowest point on buy day as buy point or close to it. No man or machine can find these points every month! It’s possible to take the average of all his 22 or 23 stock gains and average them together and subtract 20% for your possible gain. Some months he only shows 20% so â€" 20% you most likely will make little that month. You must watch the charts closely and guess on the ups and downs and hope the downs are not too down or just put a stock loss of 12% on the down ones. Some months you could outperform him, but is unlikely. His picks are fairly stable companies which I haven’t yet figured out. I don’t really think he really invest in all of his picks, but who is me to say. If someone is better than him let me know! Market stocks move on peoples gut feelings, market trends, mutual fund buying, one reason everything is unpredictable. Do not invest in generally when the DJI opens in negative territory, but if you expect DJI up tomorrow buy on lows!
September 25th, Oct .9, 16, Nov6 th 2009 updates

If you bought all his Stocks in March (Barrow Bottom)/held on to them, your Portfolio would be up 554%/ 665 % / 689% / 677% if you sold the 10% losers LMC, Borl, lost and PLUG down 18%. Borl sold out June 26th, LMC lost If you invested $1000 in UFS in March you would have $57,000 now Sept 15th.
UFS up 5,400%, SFE up 2,306% well 20,000 would be worth $109,000 now. Wish I invested there!
Problem here of course the big movers flexed over 10% at times/ most of these gains may have been a stock split of 5-1 or 10-1 etc. which takes away more changes of making money.

If you bought all his Stocks in April and held on to them, your Portfolio would be up 270%/ 285 % / 285% / 260% only if you sold the 10% losers. Worst two EBHI to and BWTR to down 90%, Mbrk down 20%.
This is a good example to sell the losers. If you put 2040 into the 2 you would have $200 left. Good news is was up 21% today. ($40 commission) 19,000 would now be worth $48,500

If you bought all his Stocks in May and held on to them, your Portfolio would be up
98%/ 113 % / 111% / 75% only if you sold the bad ones before / they lost 10% Worst one was GM or (pink sheets) down 39%, 7 bad ones. 4 lost over 10% and 3 lost 5% Buy the way DPOP gained 11% on Sept 11th , long wait here.

If you bought all his Stocks in June and held on to them, your Portfolio would be up 115%/ 122 % / 126%/ 242% only if you sold the bad ones before they closed down before they lost 10% Worst one was CORS down 39%, 7 bad ones that were down moderately.

If you bought all his Stocks in July and held on to them, your Portfolio would be up
75%/ 101 % / 105%/ 89% only if you sold the bad ones (no losers so far 20th) before they closed down before they lost 10% Worst one was RAMS down 5%, 4 bad ones

If you bought all his Stocks in August and held on to them, your Portfolio would be up 35%/ 32 % / 28%/ 25% only if you sold the bad ones before they closed down before they lost 10% Worst one was CRDC down 29%, 6 bad ones, Nov 6th- 8 lemons

If you bought all his Stocks in September and held on to them, your Portfolio would be up 15% / 7.5 % / 11%/ 15% only if you sold the bad ones before they closed down before they lost 10% and the ones that fell for several days before buying. Nov 6th 8 lemons, 2 doubled in size
Stocks over $6 in March 09 is up / 63% / 69% / 70% 60%
October: Affordable stocks up 3% /16%/ 18.5%/ Nov.6th 12 that lost 15-45%
Nov.= neg 5% Almost all mouth at this level (Nov 25th) ! Jan09 affordable stocks are up 341% /318%/ 229%
The Math: This is excellent, but this is only like it took 6 months for 555% increase at 20,000. June took 3 months etc Using my basic 1000 per stock, you would have had to invest 134,500 in 134 stocks. (some I add a few shares for a even 5 or 10 shares. $8 a trade or $16 in and out 37 would be around 2000 shares or twice the price in and out. Like 37x32=$1132 commission, 97x16=1552 total $2,736 commissions $134,500 invested went to $272,000 - $2736=Gain to $272,000-2736=$269,264 > Gain 269,264-134,500 = $131,764 profit in 6 months. A careful planer could have doubled that amount, but very few have that kind of money to play with. Careful planning I mean sell the ones only making 3-4 percent and put that money into the 15% + gainers as time goes by.
Get down to the average investor! Invest $13,450 at $100 for each stock. Gain 26,926-13,450 = + less shares is 592 less in commissions. $13,768 profit.
This history is about the same all the way back to 2000, looking them up yourself. I doubt if anyone will ever see this type of gains in their life time again. Everything hit the rocks in March. Now you can enter more per stock with all that money. The above month gains I just finished and an inserting this sentence now! I knew they were good, but not this good! I wonder if Jim Cramer can beat that! As you can see to make a profit, hang on to them and sell all that fall over 10%.
Off course, Affordable stocks really tell you nothing or little on how to hold or sell that is useful on making a profit. If you go on what they suggest or give the impression to sell at target I lost big time. This may be different when the DJI is going down.
My August is up 25%, but is useless until I sell. Minus my commissions of almost 4% I hope the big run ups are not slowing down!
Example: In other words if its up 25% for the next 2 months then all the 10% losers I’m always selling could be cutting maybe 15%. 25-14-7% on commissions = 4% gain in 3 months.
My norm should be 90-14% losers- 7 %com.= 69% gain in 3 months.
Remember I only put 20% into stock trading just in case a fast crash will destroy months of investing.
/or years 69% x 4 = 280% or total portfolio up 36% + 3% interest of rest of portfolio for entire year.
Best deal I should invest 30% with Jim Cramer picks and make 30%+ without all this mess or fuss. Only you can make your own decisions. If you are retired you must be very conservative! I’ve doubled my money using Fidelity select mutual funds once in the year 1991, but that only happened once, and all other times in crashed in a day or so wiping out my year’s profits. Remember only you have the time to full with your money, not your Broker or advisor. A broker is only interested in selling stock. If you own IBM , he will say sell it, If you don’t have it he will tell you to buy it. That’s their job or income. Learn the basic ropes and make some money, a broker will not get back to you if the stock is tanking right away unless he only has a few customers. (He will have to have a e-mail or text logbook to sent all clients everything at once like junk mail.
Some possibilities in this year’s rebound, a person could go back and invest in the 150% increasers. Those are coming back in the last month. I went back 2 years and checked the peaks. Like top $32 now $2 so Lee 16x possible in next year. Instead of swing try hold and check news.
March: UFS x2.5, SFE x1.2, STKL x3.6, RAS x2.7, OPK x1.6, WNC 6.25, BLC x3.75, KFN x3.55
APRIL: CHRT x5.55, CND x3.11, BLC x3.5, GST x3.5, GSS x1.42, CLAP x2.66
MAY: DAN x2.33, DPTR x7.5, ARIA x2.48, STKL x4
JUNE: SNIC x2.37, SNMX x4.32, VG x5.33, KFN x5.71, PIR x3, UIS x3.33, FRZ x3.75, UFI x2.14
JULY: LEE x16, HILL x2.57, AXL x5, BNVI x8.75, YRCW x13.3
PS. His stocks over $6 are not bad for March at all at 70% up to Sept 15th. Only one bad stock UNG/ 60% 69% Oct. 3, 9th , Nov.6th 67%
I checked one from last July and a 2007 month, each month holding for 6 months you would have lost big time holding. Both months 7 stock went broke! Last 3 months Oct-Nov average is down about 5%, with many companies loosing over 70%.
December is looking better! Up 10% by Christmas, so looking closer to making a few bucks!

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