C K Investment Holdings


This is the portfolio of a private fund managed with an investment strategy that looks for irrationally value-priced stocks relative to their future growth prospects.

Recent Portfolio Changes:

7-31-07: AHM crashed and burned. Sold out at 1.40.
7-20-07: sold SNDK (historical comments below)

2-25-07: Stock has fallen to extreme levels based on concerns of flash memory price discounts resulting in margins being squeezed. Increased demand is expected to make up for lost margin, especially in the second half of 2007. This industry leader can withstand pressure better than anyone. Stock price expected to recover in the 2nd half of 2007.

2-28-07: Stock keeps falling, keep buying as it drops.

4-13-07: The buying I did on the way down is paying off. A recovery of flash memory pricing has helped SNDK gain some ground.

5-29-07: SNDK has been on a tear!

7-20-07: Acknowledgment of recovering flash prices has taken this stock way up. I'll take the easy money and move on.

Sold AAPL- stock's gotten too pricey (historical comments below)

2-6-07: Apple is a visionary compnay that has a great handle on the future of consumer tech products.

4-13-07: AAPL is back up above 90. Buying on weakness pays off. iPhone should be great.

5-16-07: AAPL has been rising nicely, still plenty of great things to come from this company.

6-12-07: Sold out of this last week to take profits from the recent run-up. Still like the stock so I'll be watching for a pull back to get back in.

7-20-07: This stock is getting too pricey.

Bought AHM 6-29-07 after huge drop

Bought NYX 6-18-07

Closed Out of TRLG 6-1-07 (historical comments below)

2-28-07: This highly shorted small cap has been hit hard by the recent market decline, but it's story is as convincing as ever. This is the perfect opportunity for placing an additional bet.

4-13-07: TRLG continues along with a short interest above 40% of float. The stock has tested lows and always rebounds. Although the buyout talk has subsided, once it's expansion in retail stores shows results it'll be a big time money maker.

5-9-07: The shorts are gettin squeezed!!

5-16-07: After the 1 day short squeeze, the stock has settled down. There will be more upwards action, patience will pay off.

5-30-07: Didn't have to wait to long! An upgrade sends the stock up 15%! Volume was approx. 1.5 million today- keep in mind there are 6 million shares sold short. There are still plenty of shorts that need to cover.

6-4-07: This 3 day move from 16 to 20 is what I was looking for. I have closed out my position.

Closed Out of FDG 5-17-07 (recent comments below)

4-13-07: Getting some nice movement in this coal stock along with the nice dividend.

5-16-07: I've decided to take some profits on this one. I don't doubt the long term potential, but I'm freeing up some cash.

5-17-07: Up another 6% today, closed out my position.

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