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You can hold for years, and tade around them. The goal is not just short term trades, but cash cow kings, like CME from 100 to 700 in less than 5 years, or GOOG from 100 to 750 in less than 4 years. I lilke large small caps and small mid caps. And I like many other things, such as forward p/e to be about half the trailing p/e, and other things involving the float, the trading volume, revenue growth, profit margin, and the chart pattern. These are a few of my favorite things!

I know, it's hard for most people to rid themselves of the bottom fishing mentality...the poor house mentality. You won't find any of that here. What you will find is a stock selection that is amazingly refreshing. I have a background in creating, researching, and writing a newsletter of the kind of stocks you'll find here. Got a little burned out with burning the midnight oil. However, in following the portfolio weekly, with commentary on everything from the economy to technical analysis and how "our" stocks were "acting" - well, that gave me an appreciation for my evolving methodology. The real time feedback was invaluable in cementing in my mind the power of conviction. Puzzled by the crowd yes, but overly influenced, no!

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