GoBears Under $5 Stock Picks


Under $5 Crapshoot, All or Nothing, Home Run or Strikeout
Don't put your grandma in these stocks but if you have some money you can afford to risk, then these stocks offer high reward (with high risk)

Sold 1/2 of my Dendreon position at 13.7 on 3/30. I saw at least one estimate of fair value at $27 but I'll take some off of the table and let the rest run (no need to be a pig)

Added WEL on 3/30 at 2.74

Added NSU on 4/3 at 2.14

Added RBY on 4/10 at 1.71

Sold OCPI on 4/30 at 1.5. Buyout offer from Oplink was less than I expected but it doesn't look like another competing offer is in the works.

Sold the other 1/2 of my DNDN at 5.5 - you win some and you lose some

Sold NTWK on 5/14 at prices around 1.72-1.74 - earnings release was flat and the Microcap blog got out so I'll follow them out the door.

Sold INVX on 6/4 at 1.46. Been a dog. Sell and move on.

Sold CTLM on 6/15 and 6/18 at 2. Nyquist blog got out so I will to.

Added MVIS on 6/27 at 4.73

Added WPT.TO on 9/27 at 2.29

Added CDE on 9/28 at 3.8

Sold ZL on 10/2 at 1.4

Sold CNU on 10/26 at 2.26

Sold RAE on 11/14 at 2.9

Sold GST on 11/21 at 1.19

Sold APNS.OB on 11/27 at .136

Sold WEL on 11/27 at 1.24

Sold ADAT on 11/27 at .72

Sold TXCC on 11/27 at .83

Sold NAPS on 11/27 at 2.65

Added ETFC on 12/28 at 3.6

Added CMOS on 1/16 at 1.35

Sold CDE on 3/4 at 4.8

Sold MVIS on 3/11 at 2.12

Bought ASYT on 3/14 at 3.53

Bought NTWK on 3/26 at 1.88

Bought EXTR on 4/28 at 3.06

Bought MGAM on 5/7 at 4.5

Sold EXTR on 5/16 at 3.58

Sold MGAM on 5/19 at 5.35

Bought URRE on 5/28 at 4.45

Bought EXTR on 6/6 at 3.19

Sold URRE on 6/10 at 2.97

Sold CMOS on 6/30 at 1.3

Bought CDE on 6/30 at 3

Sold NTWK on 7/1 at 2.5

Sold ASYT on 7/16 at 4.9

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