Go Bears $10 Portfolio


These are my stocks that I own which are currently between $5 - $10. So if you see a stock lower than $5 or higher than $10 on the list - you know which way the wind is blowing

Sold CPHD on 3/27 at 11.43. Barrons mention over the weekend plus Cramer mention on Mad Money has caused a jump in the stock - it should pull back where I can buy it back.

Added TEC on 4/9 at 5.14

Added AEZ on 4/9 at 5.32

Added HGO on 4/9 at 5.45 - note that symbol has changed to HUSA

Added IDEV on 4/12 at 7.07

Sold FLWS on 5/16 at 7.72 - broke down below 50dMA (big flower days of Valentines and Mothers Day are past) and stock has had a nice run

Bought NANO on 5/21 at 6.24

Bought OMR on 5/23 at 6.72

Sold TELK on 6/4 at 4.58 - bad results on Telcyta

Added VRNM on 7/6 at 5.07

Sold ELON on 7/9 at 15.36 - stock broke below 50dMA on increasing volume

Sold OMEX on 7/12 at 6.18 - didn't like the news of Spain intercepting one of its ships. More risk is something that I can do without.

Added OPMR on 7/19 at 7.71

Sold ERS on 9/18 at 5.8

Sold OPMR on 9/28 at 5.38 - going in a new direction by buying a toy company? So will I and time to take the loss.

Added DVAX on 11/2 at 5.01

Sold NANO on 11/7 at 9

Added PP on 11/16 at 5.7

Sold TEC on 11/27 at 3.9

Sold HUSA on 11/27 at 3.2

Sold NGAS on 11/28 at 6

Sold PP on 1/29 at 1.9

Added ARRS on 2/15 at 5.5

Sold PAL on 2/22 at 9.07

Added KLIC on 2/25 at 5.22

Sold DVAX on 3/10 at 5.5

Sold VRNM on 4/18 at 3.1

Sold TXCO on 5/2 at 13

Added DNN on 5/28 at 8.38

Sold IDEV on 6/10 at 1.4

Added ESLR on 7/1 at 9.4

Added ODP on 7/8 at 6.94

Added EMKR on 7/9 at 5.31

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