It’s no surprise that the companies with the best TV commercials in history are also the best-performing stocks. These companies maximized their marketing dollars, created exciting campaigns that translated into excitement for their brands, and sold more product.

The order in which I present these is random. At the end of this article, please tell us which commercials you like best and why by posting in the comments section.

1. "It’s the Real Thing" by Coca-Cola (KO): Just watch this commercial: a Coke classic.

2. 1984 Macintosh commercial by Apple (AAPL): This commercial was aired only once on TV, but it set up in those 30 seconds the entire culture of the Macintosh vs. the IBM (IBM).

3. Paris Hilton’s Carl's Jr. commercial: Carl's Jr., owned by CKE Restaurants (CKE), was relaunching itself as the fast food chain with the heaviest beef hamburger. What better way to get attention then with a soft-porn Paris Hilton.

4. All Beef Patties: McDonald's (MCD) launched the Big Mac with this commercial. I remember watching this as a kid.

5. I Want to File Paperwork When I Grow Up:, owned by Monster Worldwide (MNST), reveals the truth about becoming an adult and taking a mediocre job. This put on the map in 1999.

6. The 1979 Mean Joe Greene-throws-his-shirt commercial for Coke.

7. The Larry Bird vs Michael Jordan commercial for McDonald's.

8. Yahoo! used to do great commercials. Here’s one of them.

9. I don’t think Google (GOOG) ever did a commercial, but here’s Baidu’s (BIDU) go at it.

10. And finally, here are 15 of the 32 Mac vs PC commercials.

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Originally published July 24, 2008